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Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation.

Our History

The Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation (RAEF) was founded in 2007 by IGNATIUS NEWMAN EZEIGBO and was registered as a corporate body on the 23rd June, 2009 under the companies and allied matter Act, (Part ‘C’) 1990 in the federal Republic of Nigeria. It is a non-profit, non-governmental, humanitarian organization that owes and carries out free medical treatment; free education supports programs, youth and widows empowerment. RAEF is also registered with Nigeria Network of NGO’s.

Widows all over the world are particularly vulnerable group subject to much prejudice. Allow me to challenge a few stereotypes. According United Nations Report 2012, there are about 245 million widows in the world. All over the world, widows are often left alone to cater for their children’s shelter, food, schooling and wellbeing.

As the HIV/AIDS epidemic and armed conflicts continue to wreak havoc across the world, young widows are emerging and are facing tougher challenges. Many of these women face harsh discrimination and social exclusion on account of their marital status, which compounds the discrimination they already face on account of their gender. Positive steps have been taken in some parts of the world to address this situation, but there is still a long way to go.

According to the same UN Reports, about 115 million widows still lives in extreme poverty. In many cases, their children have to leave school to hawk to plug the gap in the household income left by their father’s death; their daughters in particular are often at a high risk of sexual exploitation. Worldwide, more than 500 million children of widows live in hostile environments, and more than 1.5 million of these children die before the age of five. Widows’ poverty deprives their children of good healthcare services, quality education and future employment and these will lead to humanitarian crisis if not tackled.

At Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation, we believe that families are the glue that holds societies together; they create strong foundations on which to build, and they are the structures that help economic growth filter throughout the whole of society. Supporting widows strengthens society’s human tissue, keeping families strong even when they are broken by the death of a loved one.

The foundation carries out research, training, outreaches and public educational campaigns about the needs for widow’s empowerment, orphans and other vulnerable groups in the society. It is committed to its mission of transforming the lives of the underprivileged individuals through quality education, good medical treatments, and financial support, regardless of age, gender, race, religion or financial status.

We are motivated by compassion for humanity; commitment to service; passion for excellence and innovation and continuous learning. We pursue the dream of meeting health needs, education and financial empowerment of the vulnerable and less privileged especially in Nigeria.

Although we have a great interest on widows and orphans, we are also committed to the general health of their families and society at large. This is because women are reputable care givers and nation builders. Support for women is support for family and that invariably implies support for society. The existence of The Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation is to tackle the harrowing experiences of widows and orphans who are the world’s most vulnerable groups.

‘Our thrust is currently to focus on widows in Nigeria, but we believe that this assistance would spread across the globe with just a little push.’

Evang. I. G. Newman

Founder and ED, Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation

The Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation is committed to educating children of widows across Nigeria’s 36 states including Abuja (the Federal Capital Territory), while also promoting the rights of widows throughout the country. Currently, these women and their children are suffering from poverty, illiteracy, social injustice and diseases like HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Hepatitis, HBP and Cancer. Many of them have also been forced from their homes and denied access to essential resources.

RAEF has transformed the lives of over 6000 widows and their children, through skill acquisition trainings, financial empowerment, monthly medical check-up and payment of school fees for their children.

We are being moved by the plight of the vulnerable and are committed to pulling resources together towards giving a helping hand. We call on men and women of goodwill to join us in challenging the ugly trend of poverty, diseases, marginalization, domestic abuses, illiteracy and neglect and give succor to the less privileged.

Widows Empowered

Children's fees paid

Our Values


We are ever curious to learn new things and adapt to changes that will improve the quality of our work..

Service to Humanity

We are committed to helping others overcome life obstacles and challenges.


We seek to equip others with knowledge, skills and funds needed to realize their full potentials.


We believe in partnership with likemind people, government agencies, Organised Private Sector (OPS), INGOs, CSOs and other interest groups..


We are open and responsible to one another, our partners, funders and the clients we serve.


We take into considerations the needs of women and youths during service delivery and we continuously work to promote gender equality.


We are resolute in our search of quality to deliver results and build lifelong impact in our society.


Suite A38, AJB Mall Oladipo Diya Road, Opposite Zenith Bank Gudu District, Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.  (+234) 814 8782 225