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International Widows Day 2021

International Widows Day 2021

The Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation is inviting all to her 11th Edition of the International Widows Day Celebration coming up on 23rd of June, 2021, at the National University Commission (NUC) Abuja – Nigeria. Time is 10am prompt.

VICTIMS OF POVERTY: THE IMPRISONED BRIDE As most new brides will tell you, the honeymoon is far from over one month after the wedding. But for Blessing John, the story was completely different. A mere one month after her wedding, trouble came to her doorstep in the...

Widows Plight: Janet Madaki

“I joined Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation (RAEF) in June 2012 and was empowered in 2013 with a sewing machine. I started sewing bags, school bags, travelling bags, and so on. Now I sell these bags for N1,500 or more. I train my children with the proceeds from...

Widows Plight: Christy Adamu (Masaka Zone)

“I joined Rock of Ages Empowerment Foundation (RAEF) in 2013 and was empowered in 2014. I usually sell kunu (a local drink) out of a cooler, but after the empowerment by RAEF, I bought a deep freezer and now I do not have to buy ice block again and I do not use cooler...